Trainer´s Bio and Profile

Chris Ezeh, BA Journalism & Mass Communication, NRN Germany, Intercultural Health Mediator, Editor and Publisher EuroAfrica Magazine Online and Executive Director – EuroAfrica Media Network.

Chris was born in Nigeria and lives in Germany since 1990. He completed his Studies and training in both countries.

After studying journalism, he worked as a TV and Newspaper Correspondent in Nigeria. In 1988 he worked for the International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE: International Cultural Youth Exchange) Nigeria and Germany.

From 1996 -1999 he attended the Medical School Hamburg and qualified for the National Health Staff Registration Certificate in Nursing. In 2009 he qualified as Hamburg State Certified Intercultural Trainer and Health Mediator.

Since 2007, he has been responsible for the consultation, development and training of top professionals from various fields (with emphasis on medical professionals) in intercultural competence.

In addition, he has developed special, courses and curriculum of studies in intercultural competence for many health institutions in Germany and countries abroad. His recent international training on intercultural communication and competence was in Nigeria.

His great seminars on "Intercultural Medicine, Intercultural care" for nursing schools, medical personnel, managers and therapists in healthcare are highly sought after, throughout Germany.
Read Full Report here: "Keine Kultur ist besser als die andere"

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